Infrastructure Renewal

2019 Summer Renewal Work Complete

Amtrak engineering forces have completed the 2019 summer infrastructure renewal work at New York Penn Station, allowing for scheduled operations to resume Tuesday, September 3 as planned. The work was completed safely and within budget by the Amtrak team working on the project

This summer’s work focused on an estimated $30 million investment in the overall renewal of JO railroad interlocking at the east end of the station, which Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, and NJ TRANSIT trains ride on to travel in and out of New York Penn Station heading east and west from the East River Tunnels. The program included complete track replacement of all switches on the east end of 14, 15, and 16 tracks. All signaling systems that interface with this equipment, signal machines and cables, were also replaced. Amtrak forces were able to take advantage of the track outages to also replace all third rail and power cables, install new LED lighting at JO interlocking and under the platform, and repaint the platforms

The Infrastructure Renewal Program is one element of Amtrak’s plan to modernize stations, infrastructure and equipment on the Northeast Corridor.

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